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Google Pixel – Telstra Launch


Telstra was the first telco in Australia to exclusively launch the Google Pixel: the most coveted evolution in phone technology since the iPhone. Since the launch date was global, Australia’s geographic position meant Aussies would be among the first on the planet to usher in the new dawn of Google Pixel.

With its revolutionary low light camera in mind, Taboo identified nine of Australia’s most influential photographers to be the #earliestadopters. The day before the launch, these 9 tastemakers received their Google Pixel along with a brief: capture the ‘new dawn’ of 20.10.16 by literally capturing the sunrise from their unique vantage point.  Four states, nine perspectives, 30 pieces of content, 2.3 million unique impressions, all captured on the one new, epic phone.



There was a recorded 25% increase in average engagements for @telstra, the brand’s highest to date.

Our #earliestadoptors had an organic reach of just around 1.6 million on Instagram alone and upward of 2.3 million unique organic impressions.


  • Strategy & Concept Development
  • Production Oversight
  • Influencer Engagement
  • Social Media Management