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Welcome to Taboo –  an advertising agency for a world that hates advertising. We’re a team of thinkers, makers and entrepreneurs, born on the streets over 17 years ago. We work from an understanding that people today are literate, socially-connected and come equipped with an immaculate bullshit detector. Which, sadly, has led to the end of the gloriously convenient age where customers were happy to take a brand at its word. We’ve made it our business to understand the invisible lines between interesting and self-interested. And because of this, we’re specialists in earning attention through creating ideas that people actually want to be a part of.

What we do

Customer connection is a fluid concept. Because of this, we’re setting the course on a daily basis, exploring new ideas and ways to connect these with our audiences. This means our capabilities have to continually evolve. Today, they include:

 Brand Strategy  Concept Development  Copywriting & Design  Brand Creation & Development  Content Creation  Social Media Management  Influencer Strategy & Engagement  Brand Experiences  Event Production  Brand Collaboration  Product Seeding

Management Team

Andrew MacKinnon

Founder / Managing Director 

James Mackinnon

Partner / Strategy Director

Matilda Hobba 

Client Services Director

Reece Hobbins

Creative Director

Kate Prowse

Group Account Director

Kevin Dutton

Partner and Chief

Khia Croy

Client Services Director

Ollie Reeves

Senior Account Director

Nick Jamieson

Creative Director

The company we keep

We are proud to call the following companies our clients.